KEVIN CORRIGAN Film credits include: 7 Psychopaths, The Dictator, Unstoppable, Big Fan, Pineapple Express, Delirious, Definitely Maybe, Superbad, American Gangster, The Departed, Living in Oblivion, Kicked in the Head and Goodfellas. Nominated in 1997 for Best Supporting Actor for Walking and Talking and in 2006 for the Gotham Award for Best Ensemble in The Last Winter. Kevin also has numerous TV credits including a starring role on Grounded for Life and recurring roles on The Mentalist, Community and Fringe.

TONY MUSANTE Film credits include: The Mercenary and The Bird With the Crystal Plumage, The Yard, We Own the Night, The Last Run, The Grissom Gang, and The Pope of Greenwich Village. Plus Tony has numerous TV credits including OZ, and his groundbreaking role as Toma. Tony was nominated for an Emmy Award in 1976.

JERRY GRAYSON Film credits include: Wild on the Beach, Quiz Show, Striptease, Bullet (1996), Pushing Tin, Garmento, All Good Things, and Inside Llewyn Davis. Jerry has also had a recurring role on television in The Sopranos, plus numerous TV credits.

CRAIG ‘muMs’ GRANT Film credits include: Bitter Pill Directed by Steven Soderbergh, Order of Redemption, Dark Water, Interview, Capers, An Englishman in New York, Bamboozled Directed by Spike Lee and Bring Out the Dead. Best known for his recurring role on HBO's OZ, Craig also has a long resume of TV guest appearances.

ANTHONY TARSITANO (Writer/Director) In addition to writing and directing ICE in 2013, Anthony’s first feature film, Calling it Quits, starred Dennis Boutsikaris, Jessica Hecht, and Bob Clohessey in 2008. Anthony has also written and directed television spots for MasterCard, Citibank, Quicken Loans, Amica Insurance, 21st Century Insurance, and Nickelodeon.



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