KEVIN COR­RI­GAN Film cred­its include: 7 Psy­chopaths, The Dic­ta­tor, Unstop­pable, Big Fan, Pineap­ple Express, Deliri­ous, Def­i­nitely Maybe, Super­bad, Amer­i­can Gang­ster, The Departed, Liv­ing in Obliv­ion, Kicked in the Head and Good­fel­las. Nom­i­nated in 1997 for Best Sup­port­ing Actor for Walk­ing and Talk­ing and in 2006 for the Gotham Award for Best Ensem­ble in The Last Win­ter. Kevin also has numer­ous TV cred­its includ­ing a star­ring role on Grounded for Life and recur­ring roles on The Men­tal­ist, Com­mu­nity and Fringe.

TONY MUSANTE Film cred­its include: The Mer­ce­nary and The Bird With the Crys­tal Plumage, The Yard, We Own the Night, The Last Run, The Gris­som Gang, and The Pope of Green­wich Vil­lage. Plus Tony has numer­ous TV cred­its includ­ing OZ, and his ground­break­ing role as Toma. Tony was nom­i­nated for an Emmy Award in 1976.

JERRY GRAYSON Film cred­its include: Wild on the Beach, Quiz Show, Striptease, Bul­let (1996), Push­ing Tin, Gar­mento, All Good Things, and Inside Llewyn Davis. Jerry has also had a recur­ring role on tele­vi­sion in The Sopra­nos, plus numer­ous TV credits.

CRAIG ‘muMs’ GRANT Film cred­its include: Bit­ter Pill Directed by Steven Soder­bergh, Order of Redemp­tion, Dark Water, Inter­view, Capers, An Eng­lish­man in New York, Bam­boo­zled Directed by Spike Lee and Bring Out the Dead. Best known for his recur­ring role on HBO’s OZ, Craig also has a long resume of TV guest appearances.

ANTHONY TAR­SI­TANO (Writer/​Director) In addi­tion to writ­ing and direct­ing ICE in 2013, Anthony’s first fea­ture film, Call­ing it Quits, starred Den­nis Bout­sikaris, Jes­sica Hecht, and Bob Clo­hessey in 2008. Anthony has also writ­ten and directed tele­vi­sion spots for Mas­ter­Card, Citibank, Quicken Loans, Amica Insur­ance, 21st Cen­tury Insur­ance, and Nickelodeon.



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